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Bird / Wildlife Watching

As you may have surmised, our area is a naturalist’s paradise, in part because Lake Superior funnels migrating birds along the shoreline. The spring migration of warblers back to our area is a sight to behold, and 26 species of warblers stay here to nest. We have many species of butterflies, insects and wildflowers, and interesting geology to explore.

Want to visit a Great Horned Owl up close and personal? Our local environmental learning center is home to many species of raptors such as Hunter, the Great Horned Owl, a Saw-Whet Owl, and various chickens. Oh, and don’t forget Thistle, their resident porcupine. Yes, even a porcupine is cute; and seriously, how often are you ever going to get this close to a porcupine?

For other wildlife viewing ideas, simply take a road trip. Our forests are home to numerous animals such as wolves, moose, deer, lynx, fox, peregrine falcons and more. Take a hike and find grouse, blue jays, and the very impressive eagle. Eagles are found in abundance in the Silver Bay area. Look up in a tree, over a cliff, or soaring high above our many valleys - because once you’ve seen their impressive size and wing span, you’ll know why they reign supreme.

Blueberries, several types of raspberries, and other edible berries are abundant on the shore and in the forest. There are countless scenes for photographers and artists, and our weather provides every atmosphere one could want.

Even our highways are scenic, such as our famous Highway 61, paralleling Lake Superior’s wild and wonderful shoreline. Highway 61 is one of the All-American Roads and is listed as a National Scenic By-Way. Highway 61 is the famous route along the shore from Duluth to Canada. Highway One leads from Tettegouche State Park to Ely and takes you on a winding path through deep forest where moose sightings are frequent.

A new road, Forest 11, also known as the Superior National Forest Scenic By-Way, connects Silver Bay to the Iron Range and passes through miles of boreal wilderness. All are all-weather roads, meticulously plowed in winter. A real treat awaits the visitor who ventures along our roads, with countless snow-filled vistas.

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